I have joined forces with industry experts at La Flore to share my passion for harnessing the power of nature to create skin care products that are naturally healthy, earth-friendly and inspire beautiful results. Natural ingredients formulated in the right way.
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I am honored to represent TASC as a Freedom Guide, and ambassador. Tasc is a brand that leans-in on responsible manufacturing processes and sustainability, with the use of bamboo based products that have low enviromental impact but high performance value. Tasc cares as much about Mother Earth as it does about the natural attributes, comfort and versatility of the great products it offers. SHOP
It takes a special combination of brand innovation, product marketability and teamwork to create a successful business. Sharing my core values, business principles and R&D expertise is a true passion and helping companies become what they dream to be is a mission I love to take on.  Whether it is a one-on-one with a small business owner, a team of board members, or a multi-million dollar brand, I give real-life advice, create pathways to healthy team development, and execute corporate retreats that inspire, motivate and empower. Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality. Helping businesses thrive is an incredible gift.

Please meet my friend and amazing entrepreneur, Michael Tompkins. "My success in my career and what I've been blessed with is creating programming that changes people's lives." Michael has started a movement in St. Louis: "Please join me Sept.30-Oct.1st for a free festival that will bring top street artists together." The artist will be creating pieces that invoke themes of truth and hope. The GOAL: to inspire a dialogue that bridges the city's deep racial and socioeconomic divide.

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