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In addition to her work in the fashion industry, Heather has long been committed to making a positive impact on lives beyond her clothing lines. She is a cause celebrity for Organ Donation and is deeply involved in supporting the public education efforts of the New York Organ Donor Network. She sits on the board as a ‘founding’ member of The Kellner Family Pediatric Liver Disease Foundation and was honored as the Liver Champion Award recipient from the American Liver Foundation. She also received a H.U.G. Award from the Intimate Apparel Square Club.  Heather makes every effort to promote and support building awareness of organ donation both locally and nationwide. Heather is a No Barriers USA ambassador, helping VETS and women unleash the power of their own potential through adventure, nature and team work. She is a cause celebrity for the Tick Borne Disease Alliance and for the DeBartolo Foundation. "My passion is giving to others and I love using my platform to do it!" HT

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