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Tasc Performance is family owned and based in New Orleans! The Tasc family has been making performance gear for 40 years​.
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-Natural UPF of 50
-Moisture Wicking
-Quick Drying
-Super Soft
Good Charma is a unique line of jewelry that evokes a spiritual and cool essence, while emphasizing the power of “paying it forward,” a concept that I have great belief in. Good Charma was born out of a desire to create something that would make the person wearing it feel empowered; that what they were wearing would bring them luck, confidence or peace.

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I am running the NYC Marathon for......

Zara's Center is an after-school safe haven for AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Zara's provides nourishment, academic enrichment, medical care, work training, recreation, and artistic development to over 125 children in Emganwini Township in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. ​​​

The PG Family Foundation, located in NYC, provides ongoing administrative and fiscal support for the center.
For the ninth consecutive year, Zara's Center has a charity team running in the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon on November 5th.
Zara's Center has been an active participant as a charity team in the NYC Marathon for the past eight years. Each team member is guaranteed a spot in the Marathon and raises money for the Center through sponsorships from family and friends. 

​Funds raised in past years have helped pay for food, school fees, HIV/ AIDS prevention, job training and cultural enrichment in this highly vulnerable and globally marginalized community.


Heather is a go-getter and lives a fairly active lifestyle. She had never really climbed anything as challenging as Kilimanjaro, but she had always wanted to, so she decided to organize a group of women who would be down for the adventure. On September 17th, Heather and 18 other women headed to Africa to climb one of the ‘Seven Summits,’ Kilimanjaro.

The training was extensive, not only for her, but for these women too. Some started training a year in advance to prepare for this climb. The physical aspect of the climb, wasn’t even the hardest part. The hardest part was learning to climb together as a group and supporting each other along the way. Heather wasn’t alone; each of these 18 women had a struggle with this too. Even though they were there together, it was a freedom, a “dirty freedom,” they had never experienced before.